History Notes: This Week in Black History December 7th -December 13th

December 8, 1936: In the landmark case, Gibbs v. Board of Education, it was ruled that black teachers should earn the same amount as their white counterparts. This case was among one of the first court cases that gave blacks equal rights under the law.

December 9, 1922: Actor and comedian John Elroy Sanford or better known as Redd Foxx was born on this day. Foxx is remembered for his catchphrases, explicit stand-up comedy routine, and the lead role in the 1970’s sitcom Sanford and Son.

December 10, 1950: Diplomat, political scientist, and academic Ralph Bunche received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work as a mediator in Palestine. Bunche is the first African American and person of color to be awarded this prize. The Noble Peace Prize winner is also the first African American to earn a PhD in Political Science from an American University.  Not only did Bunche serve as the chair of the Political Science Department at Howard University for two decades, but he also was also involved with the formation and administration of the United Nations. (Photo Credit)


black_nativityDecember 11, 1961: Langston Hughes’s Black Nativity made its debut in the Off-Broadway Theater. The play, which featured an all-black cast, retold the classic Nativity story.Black Nativity showcased traditional Christmas carols with a gospel twist. This Christmas play was one of the first plays written by an African American to be staged at the Off-Broadway Theater. (Photo Credit)

December 12, 1899: The first African American Harvard professor, Dr. George Franklin Grant, received patent number 638,290 for his invention of the wooden golf tee. However, it wasn’t until 1991 that the United States Golf Association recognized the Harvard Dentist Professor for his contribution. Dr. Franklin is also internationally recognized for his invention of the oblate palate which is a gadget that treats cleft lip.

December 13, 1903: Ella Baker, an unsung hero of the Civil Rights Movement, was born on this day.  The human and civil rights activist played a key role in major organizations such as the NAACP, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Baker, who worked behind the scenes, had a career which spanned over five decades. She worked with the most famous civil rights leaders of the 20th century including Thurgood Marshall, WEB Dubois, and Martin Luther King. Baker mentored famous activists such as Rosa Parks and Bob Moses.  (Photo Credit)

ella baker

December 14, 1915: Jack Johnson becomes the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion when he knocked out Canadian Tommy Burns, during round 14, in a championship located near Sydney, Australia. Johnson, who won the majority of his 114 matches, was a controversial figure in the Jim Crow era. He was detested by early 20th century whites for his candor and relationships with multiple white women.

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Are you Too Late for 2015?

Don’t Have Money, But I Want to Learn a Language. What Do I Do?

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Are you too late for 2015?

Do you ever experience that feeling of pressure building up inside of your chest? No, it doesn’t constrict your airways like anxiety does; but it’s that feeling you’ve got to release. I’m not sure what to call this energy; the feeling of a cluster of emotions quarreling inside the depths of my soul. I don’t know. I get this feeling when I need to do something that propels me closer to my dreams—my inner desires. It’s sort of like a push…the feeling I get when I neglect blogging or practicing Spanish.

It feels like I need to scream…but screaming doesn’t help…creating or writing does, somewhat. I wouldn’t even say it’s a negative experience. Maybe that’s where that phrase “I have to get this off my chest” comes from.

blog posts

I have these dreams that I want to see come to fruition. And when I’m not actively pursuing what I’m envisioning…when I feel sidetracked…I get this rush, this energy, this feeling, this ball of I don’t know what it is, hovering in between my chest and back. I want to keep up Rookie Notes, practice the two languages near to my heart, and spend time with my family and friends. I am juggling a lot right now.

I am going through major life transitions. I recently started a new job which is teaching me a lot about organization and time management.

today's note nov 12

If you noticed from my recent today’s notes, they were all about focusing on myself and not worrying about what others are saying or doing. You know, despite all of my “achievements,” the opportunities that the Lord has blessed me with, and your beautiful, inspiring comments, I sometimes feel down and unworthy. It’s like according to some people, no matter what I do; it will never be good enough.

Todays Note Nov 17

Recently, I have just been focusing on myself, trying each day to outdo the Chelsea from yesterday. I am my own competition. I’m trying to make myself over from the inside-out, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. And y’all it’s tiring, but the future I will thank me for it. I want to be that person who I would love and hangout with. I want to be that girl who is just so beautiful that when you look at her you just see the light of God. I am well on my way; thank you Lord.

2015 blog

I’m not waiting for the ball to drop, ushering in 2015. I’ve already started. My dreams will come true. I will be the girl woman I envision.

Do you want to change anything about yourself or life for 2015? Comment below.

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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Day of Work

Don’t Have Money, But I Want to Learn a Language. What Do I Do?

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History Notes: This Week in Black History -November 30-December 6th

November 30, 1924: An educator, politician, and author, Shirley Chisholm was a force to be reckoned with. Born on this day, this powerhouse became the first African American woman elected to Congress; she became the first major party black candidate for the President of the United States, and the first woman to run the Democratic National Convention. During her years in politics, Chisholm fought to give domestic workers the right to earn a minimum wage. Chisholm also worked to improve conditions for inner city residents, as well as, supported increased spending for health care, education, and other social services. (Photo Credit)


December 1, 1955: She was fed up and took a stand. On this day, Rosa Parks, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger and was arrested. In a 1992 interview Parks states

“I did not want to be mistreated; I did not want to be deprived of a seat that I had paid for. It was just time… there was opportunity for me to take a stand to express the way I felt about being treated in that manner. I had not planned to get arrested. I had plenty to do without having to end up in jail. But when I had to face that decision, I didn’t hesitate to do so because I felt that we had endured that too long. The more we gave in, the more we complied with that kind of treatment, the more oppressive it became.” 

Park’s arrest started the 381 day Montgomery bus system and the 1956 Supreme Court decision that made segregation in public segregation unconstitutional.

December 2, 1969: Alongside her husband, Marie Van Brown patented the first home security system that utilized television surveillance. Brown’s invention, the stepping stone for today’s security systems, had four holes that could slide up and down and was attached to a camera. Whatever, appeared on the camera would show on a T.V. Brown earned an award from the National Scientist Committee (NSC).

December 3, 1847: Social reformer, writer, and orator Frederick Douglass published the North Star, an influential, ninetieth century anti-slavery newspaper. The newspaper covered topics on the abolishment of slavery, and the freedoms of women and other oppressed groups. Photo Credit

frederick douglas

December 4, 1906: With over 290,000 members and more than 730 active chapters,Alpha Phi Alpha, the first black, Intercollegiate Greek-Lettered fraternity was founded today. This fraternity, which was founded at Cornell University evolved into a service and leadership organization during the Great Depression, World War II and the Civil Rights Movement. The Alpha Phi Alpha focuses on issues such as urban housing, AIDS, and political, economic, and social issues relating to African Americans. Famous members include Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, and Lionel Richie.

members of alpha phi alpha

December 5, 1955: The Montgomery Bus Boycott began after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. Four days later the boycott began; city buses were empty and the sidewalks were filled with blacks walking together in harmony to work. Many carpooled together and black cab drivers lowered their fares in support of the protest. This was one of the first times in the Civil Rights Movement where its participants showed a unified front. Not only were blacks unified politically and socially, but economically as well. The city of Montgomery suffered a huge economic blow because of the boycott.

In response, carpools were banned, cab fares were increased, and leaders of the movement like Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy were arrested and had their homes bombed. After 381 days, the boycott ended with the Supreme Court decision which made segregation in public transportation unconstitutional.  The Montgomery Bus Boycott was only beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Photo Credit

montgomery bus boycott

December 6, 1869: The first black labor group, The National Labor Convention, met with Congress to request economic assistance. The Labor group asked that public lands in the South be divided into 40 acre farms and that black farmers receive low-interest loans.

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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Day of Work

Don’t Have Money, But I Want to Learn a Language. What Do I Do?

How do you Pick a College Major

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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Day of Work

Yesterday, I put my big girl pants on and went to work. My first day of work was a whirlwind of excitement and nervousness, complemented perfectly by orientations with my supervisor, the Human Resources department, and others who hold various positions around the office.

After I punched out my timesheet and went home, I reflected on this new chapter in my life. Part of my reflection about my first day was about my Rookie mistakes. I would like to share my Rookie Notes with you in the hopes that you will not make the same mistakes on your first day of work.

Bring Identification On the first day or within the first days at your new job, you may have to meet with the Human Resources department. The Human Resources department is your company’s organizational arm that is responsible for staffing requirements, benefits, orientations, training and interviews. When meeting with Human Resources it is likely that they will ask you to provide identification/documents to show that you are a citizen or authorized to work. I had to provide my passport or a driver’s license +birth certificate or social security card to prove that I am a United States citizen.

Drivers Little

Also, it is a good idea to bring banking information. This includes your account number, bank name, and a voided check in order to set up direct deposit. Be proactive and go to your bank days before your first day to ensure you have all the required information.

Even if your company is small and may not have a Human Resources department, there is a great chance that this information is still required. I remember when I was a senior in high school working at my local movie theatre. We didn’t have a fancy HR department but I remember my manager asking for this information. So be prepared.

Eat This is such an obvious tip, but sometimes with the nerves and excitement of your first day you forget to eat. On the first day, you normally meet a lot of people and receive tons of information. Remembering people’s names and learning new tasks is draining. Therefore, you need to nourish your body to stay in the game. As my Dad always says, a car doesn’t run without fuel and neither do you.

Pizza dreams MGD©

Sleep This note goes with the last one. When you are sleep deprived it is easy to make mistakes. Get a good night’s rest to be alert and ready for what your job throws at you.

dog pic

Bring pen & paper Do you want to show your supervisor that you’re on top of things? If yes, you should have a pen & notepad as soon as you walk through the office doors. Maybe you have a super, awesome memory; for me, there is nothing worse than having someone give you directions/tasks and you have to memorize them. It is easy to forget what your supervisor said when you get to your desk. Having something to scribble down shows that you are engaged and are less likely to forget what they said. It is awful to go back and say “Uh, can you tell me for the 2nd/3rd time because I forgot what you said.” Write it down.

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My Spanish & Chinese Progress (11/21/14)

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I hope you enjoyed these Rookie Notes. If you have an additional note, feel free to share in the comment section below.

My Spanish and Chinese Progress-11/21/14

Spanish progress video picture

This week was so so in my language studies. I did practice a bit, but not everyday.

Spanish: I watched two episodes of The Wonder Years in Spanish and am in the middle of Chapter 5 of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. I am learning The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish and I know 80% of it by heart.

Chinese: In Chinese, I learned how to introduce myself, how to say Happy Birthday to you, and various phrases like such as I like tea, that is my mom, do you like my shirt? I am also learning the Lord’s Prayer in Chinese. I know….meh. I don’t know, because there are parts I know and others…nope. I will happen over time.

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Today’s Note

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